Monferrato Freisa

(Designation Of Origin)

Year 2019


Freisa is a practically unknown wine outside Piedmont and it is a pity, because it is an original wine in its simplicity, light, fragrant, elegant, with delicate tannins and an incredible drinkability. Freisa is for the Piedmontese the classic everyday bottle, extremely versatile when paired with all foods


Grape variety: Freisa

Harvest period: half of September

Harvesting method: manual

Vinification: traditional red vinification, eight days maceration with automated pumping over, cold stabilization.

Aging: steel

Format: 0.75 l

Alcohol content: 12 - 12,5 vol.


Sensory notes

Visual analysis: pale ruby red tending to garnet

Olfactory analysis: characteristic, delicate

Gustatory analysis: dry, slightly bitter, lively

Serving temperature: 18 - 20 C


Food pairings

Freisa wine goes well with first courses and sauces based on meat or vegetables, cured meats and dishes based on white or red meat both boiled and grilled, in preparations with a delicate and not strong taste. The sparkling Freisa, with intense fruity aromas and a palate ranging from light to sweet, is ideal for accompanying cakes and desserts