Grignolino of  Monferrato 
near Casale
(Designation Of Origin)
Year 2019 or 2020


It has been known since the Middle Ages. it is produced in large areas of the Monferrato, Langhe and Roero hills in Piedmont. Four DOC (Designation Of Origin) are recognized: Grignolino from Asti ; Grignolino of Monferrato near Casale ; Piedmont Grignolino ; Piedmont young Grignolino.


Grape variety: Grignolino

Harvest period: half of September

Harvesting method: manual

Vinification: traditional red vinification, eight days maceration with automated pumping over, cold stabilization.

Aging: steel

Format: 0.75 l

Alcohol content: 12 - 12,5 vol.


Sensory notes

Visual analysis: light ruby ​​red

Olfactory analysis: characteristic, delicate, slightly spicy

Gustatory analysis: slightly tannic, pleasantly bitter, with a spicy aftertaste

Serving temperature: 18 - 20 C


Food pairings

Given the premises, Grignolino can be considered an authentic food wine, that is a very versatile wine in combinations. It goes well with appetizers based on cured meats, dry soups and soup in broth, omelettes, white meats also baked. It is one of those reds that tempts you to risk combinations with fish dishes. It is one of those red wines that can also be enjoyed with fried fish or fish cooked with intense aromas.